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Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c

This blog explains you step by step on installing and configuring Oracle SOA Suite 12c
Why each component is required and its functionality is explained in another blog

The following process explains end-to-end installation steps for Oracle SOA Suite 12c

Oracle provides quick installer which has everything bundled, and is kind of plug-and-play software. But if you are interested in setting up standalone admin and managed servers for SOA(which happens in regular development/test/prod environments, this is for you)

The following software components are required for setting up Oracle SOA Suite 12c

1. Oracle Database (Express edition should be sufficient)
2. Repository Connection Utility(RCU)
3. Oracle Weblogic Server 12c
4. Oracle SOA Suite 12c

The following configuraitons are required as part of the setup
1. Installing database schemas using RCU
2. Configuring SOA Domain in weblogic

Here is the step-by-step process for setting up Standalone Oracle SOA Suite 12c (I'm installing Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3 version which is stable now. The same approach holds good for any version)

Step 1 : Install JDK 7 in a folder whose complete path doesn't contain spaces (for ex, don't install in 'Program Files' as it contains spaces and you need to put quotes everytime you specify the path. Instead, install in a directory as simple as D:/Java/jdk7

Step 2 : Download and install Oracle database xe (full fledged database is not required for SOA setup. Just 11g Express edition would be sufficient which saves your RAM space)

Step 3 : Download Oracle Weblogic Server 12c from website
Search for 'Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure 12.1.3' and download the zip file
Please note that Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure is nothing but Weblogic having some JRF templates that are required for Oracle SOA

Step 4 : Download Oracle SOA Suite 12c
Search for 'SOA Suite 12.1.3' and download the zip file

Step 5 : Install Weblogic Server
Unzip the file you downloaded in Step 2 and use the following command to install Weblogic Server
java -jar <jarFileName>
Select appropriate folder for the installation - and we'll call the parent of this installation folder as MW_HOME from now onwards

Step 6 : Install SOA Suite
Unzip the file you downloaded in Step 3 and use the following command to install Weblogic Server
java -jar <jarFileName>

Step 6 : Configure database schemas
goto MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcu.bat and rt click --> run it as administrator
Provide the database details in the wizard when asked for. Leave the schema as it is. Next steps would be self explanatory

Step 7 : Configure SOA Domain
goto MW_HOME/soa/common/bin/config.cmd and rt click --> run as admin
Select the required domain you want to setup(SOA in this case). Next steps would be self explanatory

You are done with the setup.

Running the servers :
Go to MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/<domainName>/bin/startWeblogic.cmd ----- will start admin server
MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/<domainName>/bin/startManagedWeblogic.cmd  <serverName> ----- will start admin server

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