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Importing a SOA Composite into JDev

This tutorial shows you how to import an existing project into your workspace
Before anything, you need to have the project/jar file of the composite in your local directory
Open Jdev, File --> Import --> SOA Archive into SOA Project

Provide an appropriate project name

Import the jar file and finish

This will import all the project resources from the jar file into your current project
You may now update the project to incorporate your new changes, or just deploy it to test

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  1. Thank you so much for your Blog. It is really Helpful.

  2. I don't have jar then which file I have to import.

    1. Hi
      You either need to have a jar, or the project folder. If you have project folder, you can copy the project folder into the application where ever you want and open that application's .jws file and include this entry. Or create a project with the same name and override its contents with your project's contents.

    2. Hi, thanks it was of much help. But after importing the jar file in Jdev, the BPEL is not opening in Flow diagram mode. It only opens in Source xml form. Please help.

    3. Hi,
      Thanks for the steps above. I am able to import my sca composite from jar file in Jdeveloper 11g. But unable to see the BPEL flow diagram. It only opens as source xml. Please help.

    4. Hi,
      This is really a late response, but it might be helpful for others.
      Your JDEV might not have Oracle SOA plugin, hence you are seeing the source xml. Download the Oracle SOA Studio add on in JDEV. You'll do it via help-->update