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Runtime Operation Error in BPM - ORABPEL-30017 - Invalid task definition


When you encounter this issue of getting a 'Runtime Operation Exception' while logging into BPM Workspace, or find a similar log


Invalid task definition.
The task definition at default/PrjTaskReminderNotification!1.0*soa_5cb0ae06-9485-488f-91b1-1b2872276fb9/Initiator could not be read. The task definition is associated with workflow default/PrjTaskReminderNotification!1.0*soa_5cb0ae06-9485-488f-91b1-1b2872276fb9/Initiator.
Make sure that the task definition is available at the specified URL and that it is a valid XML document.

Here's the solution.
This happens when there are more than one active record in BPM_CUBE_PROCESS table.
You just have to make sure that there is only one active record per process.

Execute the following query by connecting to the SOA_INFRA schema of the database

select processId, processName, compositeName, revision, status, from BPM_CUBE_PROCESS;

If it returns multiple records for the same ProcessName, make the status of all those entries to -1,commit and redeploy the process.
Now, you can see the process in the workspace without any problem


  1. Thank you so much. This solved my bugging issue.

  2. thank you so much for this post. this solved the issue.... I am very thankful to you !!!

  3. I love you, thank you so much.