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Measurement Mark in Process Analytics - Explained!

'Measure Business Indicator' and 'Measurement Mark' is often a topic of confusion. So let me explain them in detail

A business Indicator in BPM is nothing but a Project Data Object that can be used to capture information from your BPM Process to be sent to Process Analytics Databases / BAM Databases that Process Analysts can use to monitor your processes

A Business Indicator can be of the following types
  • Measure
  • Dimension
  • Counter
This post completely discusses about Measure

A Measure Business Indicator is used to capture something that can be measured.
Ex : The discount given to a party

There are few pre-defined Measure Business Indicators defined.
  • Number of activity instances by activity, process and participant
  • Avg time to complete an Activity
  • Avg time to complete a Process
Apart from these, you can always define your own Measure Business Indicator, just as in the abouve example, Measure to capture 'discount given to a party'

Now, If the Measure Business Indicator captures this value, then why again Measurement Mark?

Measurement marks enable you to measure a business indicator of type measure at a certain point in the process
Single Measurement
Interval Start
Interval Stop

Explanation in detail
Whatever you want to measure, you have to define a measure Business Indicator first.
Lets say, in your process, there are 10 activities, and say
At activity1, you want to measure discountAmt (measure Business Indicator(BI) name : discMeasure)
At activity2, you want to measure salary (measure Business Indicator(BI) name : salMeasure)
At activity3, you want to measure someotherthing (measure Business Indicator(BI) name : someMeasure)
 and so on…
Now, you have to create measure type Business Indicators corresponding to all these measures you want to measure. End of the day, all these become project data objects that hold values

Now, storing salMeasure, someMeasure at activity1 doesn't make sense, as these values are not available yet. At activity1, saving discMeasure only makes sense
So, how do you say the BPMN service engine to store only discMeasure at Activity1, and similarly only salMeasure at Activity2, and so on…
This is done using Measurement Mark
A measurement mark tells the service engine what all measures to be stored into the process analytics/BAM databases
A measurement mark associates measures at a particular point(in this case, discMeasure to Activity1)
Along with storing the measure BI's selected, all the default measures and dimensions are also stored

Process to add a Measurement Mark
  1. Pre - req : Identify what all measures to be captured, define corresponding Measure BI's in the structure pane. Also define corresponding Dimensions that may be used to group these measures later in the dashboards
  2. Where ever you want to measure something, drag and drop 'Measurement' activity from the component pallette
  3. Give a name, select the measure BI's to be stored

Interval Start and Interval Stop Measurement is used when you want to capture data from a section of the process
The start and end points of the process that you want to capture is identified using these two measurement marks. And even here, you need to associate all the measure BI's that you want to be stored at that point

Hope this made you clear on the topic of Measure and Measurement Mark

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