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Deploying artifacts to MDS

Its quite often that certian artifacts like schemas, transformation files, wsdl's, etc. are used across projects. In such cases, it is not a good idea to create them in each and every project, rather such artifacts are to be shared across projects. That way, all the projects will be using the same resource without problems like duplication, out-of-sync, rework during changes to the artifacts, etc.

Oracle SOA Suite 11g provides such feature of maintaining artifacts at shared locations. Such a location is called MetaData Store(MDS).

MDS in Oracle SOA Suite 11g come in 2 flavours
  • File Based : Used in development phase, easy to configure/maintain
  • DB Based : Used in production environments, ideal way of sharing resources

In this article, I'll explain you how to deploy shared artifacts to MDS, so that you dont have to  duplicate the resources across projects.

Deploying artifacts to MDS involve 3 steps in total
  1.  Create a deployment profile, select all the artifacts to be shared. In otherwords, select all the artifacts that you want to publish to MDS.
  2. Create an Application level deployment profile of type SOA-Bundle, selecting all the profiles that you've created in step1
  3. Deploy the SOA-Bundle to the SOA server
Will update this post soon with the screenshots
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