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Logical Grouping - Partitions in SOA Suite 11g

In order to logically group your composite application deployments, SOA Suite provides a feature called partitions.
This way, it will be a lot easier to manage deployments, grouping them based on certain logical criteria.
You can perform bulk life cycle management tasks at a single go. Ex, start/stopAll, undeployAll, etc.

You always deploy a composite to a partition. SOA Suite provides a default partition named default.

There won't be any warning if you are trying to deploy the same composite in more than one partition using JDev. However, you will have a warning when done using EM.
Having the same composite in more than one partition may sometimes cause unexpected results.For example, say you have an inbound fileAdapter that checks for any new records on a file. On new record arrival, you never know which instance of the composite(either from first or second partition) is actually started

Creating a Partition
Rt click on soa-infra --> Manage Partitions

Create a new Partition in the next screen

Selecting a particular partition for your composite is done during deployment.
There are 3 ways of selecting the partition(which are a part of deployment)
  • Using EM
  • Using Jdev
  • Using Scripts

Using EM
Click on soa-infra, then click on the SOA Infrastructure dropdown to go into deployments

Using Jdev

In Jdev deploy wizard, you have the option to select the partition to which you want to deploy the composite

- Ravi Kiran

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