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Partnerlinks in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Links to all the wsdl-driven services in a composite that BPEL interacts with, are called Partner Links.
They are the references to the actual implementations, through which the BPEL process interacts with the external world(services).
Invoked Partner Links : Links to services that are invoked by the BPEL process.
Clinet Partner Links : Links to services that can invoke a BPEL process.

In otherwords, all outward(to the BPEL process) links can be called as invoked partnerlinks and inward links can be called as client partner links.

A partner link type defines how two individual WSDL-defined partners can interact together and what each of the partners have to offer.
Is defined in the wsdl of the services thru the WSDL extensibility mechanism.
It is included in the wsdl file of every service involved in the BPEL process.
It identifies the portType element referenced by the partnerLink in the process .bpel file.

In wsdl,

  <plink:partnerLinkType name="ABCPartnerLink">
    <plink:role name="SomeService"

The <PartnerLinkType> element contains <role> element that the service provider or consumer can play, as defined in the <PartnerLink> element of the .bpel file

<PartnerLinks> are defined in the .bpel file.

Defines portType of the partner process that will participate in the BPEL process.

Contains myRole and partnerRole attributes, which relate to the <role> element in the

wsdl file's <PartnerLinkType>

A BPEL can interact with the services in 3 ways
  1.  Services that invoke a BPEL process
  2.  Services that are invoked by the BPEL process
  3.  Services that act both ways
Need Review:
The client role represents the requestor of the service. Basically used for the callback.

- RaviKiran