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Oracle BPM : Share Data across instances in Oracle BPM

Suppose there is a scenario where you want to share the data across multiple instances of the same Human Task, here is the way to do it.

On the HumanTask definition, click on Settings --> In 'Payload Display for Parallel Participants', choose 'All task participants share the same payload'

I've used Oracle 12C, but the process remains the same for 11g.

Once deployed, one participant's payload(comments, attachments, etc) will be shown for the other assigned participant.

I've created a sample where I'm doing a multi-instance on a HumanTask to check if the payload is shared among the participants

Here's how my composite looked like

Input is an array of 2 which means the task is assigned to 2 participants. You may simulate this in your own way.

Login as the first participant and create attachments and comments. Also enter the actual inputs.

Now, login as the second participant to see if the comments and attachments are shared.
Please note that the actual payload is not shared, but the extra stuff alone.
And they are...

Now, when you add comments here, then those will be shared to the next participant.

Hope this helps.

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