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Often people are confused that Oracle Enterprise Plugin for Eclipse (OEPE) is the plugin for OSB on eclipse.
But OEPE is actually a bundle that has eclipse + various plugins to eclipse that supports development of technologies like J2EE, Spring, ORM, etc. on weblogic, but defenetely not OSB.

Then where does OSB IDE to eclipse come from?
During OSB installation, you provide path to the OEPE will make eclipse have OSB IDE.

While installing Oracle Service Bus, one of the steps will be to provide Middleware Home & OEPE Home.

With this, it will install required plugins over OEPE to have the OSB IDE

Be aware about the versions of OEPE & OSB. Different versions of OEPE are used for different versions of OSB

You can get in Oracle website, or for quick reference
Here is the list
OSBWeblogic ServerOEPE

Hope this helps resolve the confusion over OSB IDE and OEPE.

Note :: You don't have to seperately install eclipse again, OEPE is {eclipse + plugins}

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