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Importing a BPM Project into Jdeveloper

When I was doing my first project on BPM, I was asked to check some exisiting BPM Project which was sent to me as a .zip file
Now this is not in a .jar format which would have been the case with a SOA Project.
When you check a BPM Project in Jdeveloper, you see two folders, one for SOA stuff and the other for BPM. So this is organized in a different way compared to a SOA Composite
I literally had no idea how to import the source code into Jdeveloper and finally could find a simple solution

Just create the application and projects with the same name as that of the source code(from zip file). This creates a similar folder structure in your workspace. Now you can take the files from the zip and place/replace them into the folders in you workspace.
Now, when you open your Jdeveloper, you could see the entire thing setup!

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